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SOLABS QM Insights

Dec 4, 2018

Today’s episode is about an exciting new feature that was recently added to Solabs QM 10: the Questionmark OnDemand interface within Solabs QM. In this episode, your host, Ericka Moore, is joined by return guest, Gretchen Dixson.


Gretchen is a Senior Product Specialist at Solabs and a part of Ericka’s group, the Client Success Group. She has been with the company for a little over 2 years now. She serves as Head Trainer, with her duties including: building training material and delivering training sessions for upcoming and current clients. She’s also actively involved in the sales and marketing team by building and maintaining meaningful demo environments and providing product demonstrations. Prior to joining Solabs, Gretchen spent over 35 years in the QA Life Sciences industry.


Gretchen built the user guide for the Questionmark interface which makes her the perfect person to discuss this topic! Today she explains how to link Questionmark and Solabs QM, how a training admin would go about linking an assessment to a training activity, how end users interact with the software, what information will be available to the trainee and the training admin, how recurrence works when the training is linked to an assessment in Questionmark, and resources you can access to receive a demo of this interface as well as documents to help guide you!


Key Takeaways:

[:50] About today’s show with Gretchen Dixson.

[2:44] Gretchen gives a general overview of the Questionmark software and its integration with the Solabs QM 10 training functionality.

[4:11] Is it easy to set up the link between Questionmark and Solabs QM 10?

[5:59] After connecting the software, how would a training admin go about linking an assessment to a training activity?

[8:10] How end users interact with the interface and complete their training assessment.

[10:32] What the trainee will see in terms of passing their training assessments.

[12:08] What information will be available to the training admin about their trainee’s training assessments?

[13:03] How does recurrence on training work if the training is linked to an assessment in Questionmark?

[15:51] For those interested in the Questionmark interface, Gretchen offers a way to receive a demo.

[17:22] Ericka thanks Gretchen for being a part of today’s episode.

[18:33] If you have questions or feedback about this week’s episode, you can email Ericka at, Solabs at, and visit the doc portal at

[19:35] About next week’s episode.


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