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SOLABS QM Insights

Dec 5, 2023

In episode 61 of the QM Insights podcast, Etienne is joined by Ericka Moore, Head of Client Success at SOLABS, and Philippe Gaudreau, CEO of SOLABS. This episode is the second in a series on purchasing an EQMS.


In this episode, the guests explore the evaluation of suppliers, including how to prepare for demonstrations, the importance of evaluating the implementation practice as well as the solution and when is the right moment to discuss money.


Key Takeaways

01:20 What is the next step after formalizing your requirements?

03:30 Presenting vendors with your initial scope helps to receive a tailor-made demonstration.

04:43 How do you evaluate implementation practices for the new software?

07:36 When is the right time to discuss budget and money?

09:43 How do you go about checking references in today’s market?